Customer Base

    LAMM Food Service distributes high quality products to a wide range of customers throughout Louisiana as well as several areas in Texas. In addition to serving a variety of food service establishments, our company is well established as a school purveyor and correctional purveyor – offering specialized products tailored to the unique needs of these institutions.

    The full range of customers served by LAMM Food Service includes restaurants, convenience stores, drive-ins, mobile caterers, nursing homes, distributors, schools and correctional facilities and more. Regardless of your specific needs, we have the products, experience and expertise to deliver the high level of service your organization requires to maintain quality food service.

    The specialized customer bases served by LAMM Food Service include the following:


    LAMM Food Service Restaurant Service
    LAMM Food Service offers a full line of quality products for restaurants including fresh produce, meats, seafood, canned goods, dry goods, cleaning supplies and more. Our ability to provide delivery of produce and other perishable products multiple times per week is a key factor in ensuring that restaurants always have access to fresh ingredients. Our highly qualified sales team is anxious to assist you with developing and updating your menus to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

    Correctional Facilities

    LAMM Food Service Correctional Facility Service
    LAMM Food Service has a great deal of experience and expertise as a correctional purveyor. We offer many specialty items exclusively to correctional facilities including meat products, drink mixes, a large array of dry goods and much more. In addition to these specialized items, correctional facilities have access to our full selection of products. We offer a variety of nutrition-based menus that comply with government regulations and are designed by registered dieticians, along with cost-based ordering programs.


    LAMM Food Service School Service
    LAMM Food Service carries a wide variety of school products including a full line of USDA compliant whole grain and CN label products – just to name a very few. In addition, we supply products for K through 12 summer feedings. Deliveries to schools can be made weekly or bi-weekly, depending upon the needs of each school.